Wolf’s Ridge Brewing’s Tap Room

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Interviewees: Bob Szuter, co-owner
Location: 215 North 4th Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Bob Szuter, co-owner

Bob Szuter, co-owner

Q | What do you anticipate being the biggest hits?
A | I think people will really like the Dire Wolf, the Dire Wolf One Line stout, the Chili Pepper Dire Wolf, the Driftwood Citrus Surf, and the Bourbon Barrel Gin Alpha. There really are just too many amazing choices to pick only one.
Q | How did you come up with your snack menu?
A | We developed the snack menu with both the Tap Room and Dining room in mind. We wanted to make sure we didn’t take away from the passion and attention to detail the kitchen is giving to the dining room. This is just our take on classic bar snacks with a twist! They will change seasonally, like our restaurant menu.
Q | You have some pretty creative beer flavors – how did you create such a versatile menu?
A| We collaboratively choose flavors of beer with our head brewer Chris Davison. He likes to experiment a lot, which can lead us down some interesting roads.
Q | Will you rent out the Tap Room as a special event space?
A | We want to make sure that our regular customers can count on the Tap Room being open, meaning that we’d more likely accept requests for weekday events. We plan to have live music and other events during regular hours at some point in the near future.
Q | What else do we need to know about the Tap Room?
A | It is the casual “brother” to Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, so come hang out after work! Our Tuesday-Thursday happy hour features $2 off select drafts from 4-7pm.
Look at all those taps!

Look at all those taps!

Pouring the One Line Coffee Stout!

Pouring the One Line Coffee Stout!

Beer Flight

Beer Flight

Potato Chips

Potato Chips


Olive Jar


Pork Rinds


Love the simple menu.


Kathy + Sophia of Kasual Life attended the First Look Party too! Always great to see them :)


So many familiar faces were there! Bryant (Columbus Yelp community manager), Nick Dekker (Breakfast with Nick), Kathy + Sophia (Kasual Life), and Rebecca Wagner (writer at ColumbusUnderground) to name a few!

I was honored to be invited to the First Look Party! Go check out the Tap Room soon! Their hours are Tuesday-Sunday, 4pm until close of the restaurant.

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  1. This looks like an amazing venture your grandfather and your dad have undertaken. Your cousin, Paulette Semo Dahman and her husband Joe would like to make a trip down to Wolf’s Ridge in the near future. My email

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