West Side Market

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Location: 1979 West 25th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Another non-traditional (read: non-interview-style) post for Best of the Menu. It’s difficult to pin down local businesses during the holiday rush, so I try to give people a break!
One of my favorite places to shop (and eat!) while I’m in Cleveland is the West Side Market. If you enjoy visiting Columbus’ North Market, you must stop by this gem in Cleveland. (Be sure to go to Steve’s Gyros!)
Aesthetically, I prefer the West Side Market – I mean look at all that gorgeous brick overhead! While the availability of fresh produce is outstanding at the West Side Market (the vendor list is largely comprised of produce vendors), I am partial to Columbus’ local merchants and makers – how could it get better than Little Eater, Jeni’s, and Pistacia Vera all under one roof?!
For those of you who have been to the North Market and/or the West Side Market, what are your favorite items/shops at each location?

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  1. I just found you from your interview with Lenny – love the site. HUGE fan of WSM. We make the trip about once a year from northern Delaware County. Czuchraj Meats is our must-stop vendor to bring home many pounds of ethnic sausages (we vacuum pack for the freezer). I love the stand with the crepes and we always seem to score on the fish/seafood front. Love some Lake Erie walleye. Found Wellfleet oysters last spring.

    • Debbie, those are excellent suggestions! I’ll have to stop by to get some meat next time. I have always loved all of the produce on the outer edge of the market plus a personal favorite is Steve’s Gyros.

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