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Interviewee: Jen Marlatt, owner
Location: 21 East 5th Avenue #101, Columbus, Ohio 43201


Jen Marlatt, owner

Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | On our Fall menu the most popular dish is the Squash Fondue, we had it on our opening menu last year and had to bring it back. It is a vegetarian and gluten-free dish that can be presented vegan as well. Even meat lovers were ordering it last year! I think guests love that we cater to a growing group of people that otherwise have a difficult time finding tasty food in restaurants. The flavors are savory, it is a warm and comfy dish for fall and winter. It went over so well last year that we introduced a meat version, the Lamb Curry.
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | The kitchen will spoil us on occasion with amazing Staff Dinners. Family recipes pop up, a little showing off of skills outside of the menu…everyone LOVES Nina’s (pastry chef) OYO Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka Cream Puffs!! They are on our event menu so they’re not often seen in the main dining room.
Q | Brunch? Did someone say brunch? What should weekend brunch-goers try first?
A | The House Bloody Mary to start! The Akoori, the French Toast and the Hamburger… they should bring friends so they can order all of it and share!! The Akoori is a dish made with eggs scrambled with curry, chilis, and onion. It is amazing! I suggest it with our house biscuit since the sweetness of the biscuit is a great match to the kick from the curry. Remember to ask if we still have Terry’s pear butter. The French Toast is made with our house brioche bread, hand-whipped cream, and Ohio maple syrup. The Hamburger is Grass-fed beef on our house brioche bun with pickled onions (they’re like candy on the burger!), bacon, greens, and best with a side of our house Mac & Cheese.
Q | Tell us more about your motto, “Fork responsibly.” The play on words is awesome, but it seems as though it also reminds the community how committed you are to sustainability and local sourcing for your products.
A | Yes, it is intended to be a little cheeky, just like Sang and I! Mostly it is to bring thought to people about what they eat, how they eat it, and the overall dining experience. We want people to do more than just put food in their mouths; to possibly consider what they consume in all facets of their life. We want them to have a dining experience, a moment to appreciate food, friends, and family.
We use the nose-to-tail philosophy with more than just meat. The stems of our greens are pickled and garnish our Bloody Mary. It is an overall theme here. Our dishware and interior elements are also repurposed. The wood used in the kitchen and on the bar is from a 100 year old barn that we helped take apart.
Q | The building that houses the restaurant is awesome (inside AND out!). Are there any cool stories about its history?
A | The building is actually a 1920s structure that once housed the Bell Telephone Company until it closed in the 1960s.

Squash Fondue: roasted acorn squash, wild mushrooms, quinoa, sherry sage fondue (vegan option available with balsamic reduction)


Akoori: scrambled eggs, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green chilies, cilantro, toast


French Toast: house cinnamon swirl bread, Ohio maple syrup and hand-whipped cream


Hamburger: local farm-raised beef, pickled onions, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, house brioche bun, served with house salad

I know I usually don’t post this much decor, but this place is my all-time favorite restaurant atmosphere in Columbus! You feel like you’re at your friend’s chic yet relaxed New York City brownstone.

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