The Little Donut Shop

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Interviewee: Todd Ciardelli, general manager (not pictured); Mark LaHue, assistant manager
Location: 1716 North High Street, Columbus OH 43201 (below The Big Bar & Grill)
Special: mention “Best of the Menu” for BOGO donuts or buy a donut, get a free 16oz coffee! (Valid through 4.9.14)


Mark LaHue, assistant manager

Q | What are the best items on the menu? Why?
A | The Maple Bacon donut is the most popular right now, but the Samoa donut and the Strawberry Shortcake donut are quickly gaining popularity.

Q | Do you do custom orders if customers ask for something that’s not on your regular menu?
A | No one has asked for a custom flavor yet, but we would definitely be willing to make custom donuts if a customer asked!

Q | In an interview with BuckeyeTV, the owner mentioned that she and her husband opened this shop because their little girls love donuts. Do you know what their favorites are at The Little Donut Shop?
A | They like the Dirty Worm (Crushed Oreos with a gummy worm) and chocolate frosted.

Q | You have amazingly unique donuts all for $1.25. What inspired the distinctive flavors?
A | We really just try to think of flavors that aren’t traditionally donut flavors, but that would combine well with a donut. We’ve gotten inspiration from breakfast, desserts, cookies, candy bars, and other snacks. We’re always looking for new ideas to create new donuts!


l to r: Dirty Worm donut, Samoa donut, Maple Bacon donut



Samoa donut (Best of the Menu’s favorite, hands down!)



Maple Bacon donut



Strawberry Shortcake donut



Dirty Worm donut



Chocolate Frosted donut



The Little Donut Shop proudly serves Peet’s Coffee



Check out this mouth-watering menu!



I’m obsessed with the teal/mint subway tile! :)


Don’t forget, The Little Donut Shop is open to flavor suggestions! What would be your first request? Get creative and comment below!


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