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Interviewee: Lisa Anglim, CEO
Location: 1329-47 Cameron Avenue, Lewis Center, Ohio 43035 (next to Polaris!)
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Lisa Anglim, CEO (photo credit: Amy Rebecca Photography)

Q | What are the best-selling items on your menu?
A | Our Brownies and Blondies are all stars to different customers’ tastes. Each one is unique and has it’s own fan club.

Q | Do you do custom orders? What is the most unique or creative order a customer has placed?
A | Custom orders and gifts are our specialty! Logos, photos, novelties, personal touches, take our sweet treats from a wonderful gift to a memorable event.

Q | Ownership changed recently. Does/did that mean any changes to the items you offer? Anything new you’d like to tell us about?
A | All current recipes will not change, but look for some new exciting flavors to join the family. Also, our cheesecake is a star that is ready to shine, and I plan to give it the platform to do just that!

Q | Your brownies and blondies are “edgeless.” (Totally my preference!) What’s the story behind this? I mean, some people love the outer edges, as proven by this kitchen gadget. (But you’d never ever ever find it in my kitchen!)
A | Sugardaddy’s uses every part of the pan. We cut the edges and twice bake them for biscotti for our customers who enjoy a little crunch. Our brownies are center cut in our unique round form, and the cut away pieces are bagged for our famous “pocket change,” perfect for nibbling. Check out the Anatomy of Sugardaddy’s for more information!

Q | I want a delivery…fast. Tell me more about “oven to door in 24.”
A | Our Brownies and Blondies are baked fresh daily, and we are happy to package them and get them to you overnight. If you have forgotten a special event and need a decadent gift fast, we are the ones to call.

Q | Sugardaddy’s has been featured by Ellen DeGeneres, Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, and The Today Show! What is it about your products that these folks loved so much?
A | We are not your everyday brownie, just like our trademark states. Our products are hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients, and we recommend that you taste them and decide for yourself.


Brownies: Fiery Brunette (made with chipotle and cinnamon), Auburn Original with Walnuts (made with rich chocolate and coffee)



Blondies: Tahiti (made with toasted coconut, cashews and pineapple) , Campfire (inspired by s’mores!)



So many types of cheesecake!



Brownie Biscotti!



Adorably packaged “Pocket Change!”



This is how they make your custom order so cute and personalized! (I’d love a gift wrapping station like this at home!)



Stop in next time you’re at Polaris!

Are you Team Brownie or Team Blondie?!

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