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Interviewee: Andrea Archibald, Owner
Location: inside Polaris Fashion Place, 1500 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240

Andrea 2015

Andrea Archibald, Owner (photo credit: The Howard Brand)

Q | What are some of the most popular food items at Simply Vague? Why?
A | Since opening in 2012 Simply Vague has carried a wide range of food products and since the beginning Leonard’s Cookies n’ More has been one of our most popular food vendors. They make THE BEST homemade cookies and have become all of our employees’ favorite snacks. Mall employees are in and out of our store every day to stock up on their cookies, pretzel bites, buckeyes, and bark. They also make spice rubs, jams and jellies, and they are always coming up with new delicious treats.
Q | What do you think is the most unique food item you carry?
A | Definitely our ghost chili caramels from Michael’s Artisan Chocolates!
Q | You’ve grown so much over the past few years! How did Simply Vague get started?
A | We started Simply Vague in 2012 in downtown Delaware in a very small storefront while we worked in real estate. We quickly realized that there was a huge demand for locally made products so we decided to expand quickly and opened a 6,000sf store in The Mall at Tuttle Crossing just 2 months after opening our original shop. In the past 3.5 years we’ve grown from a small operation to 3 locations in major malls.
Q | Simply Vague carries lots of items other than food items. Which other items do people love to buy?
A | We are probably best known for our super soft Ohio apparel. We focus on primarily Ohio themed apparel, accessories, and home decor because people can’t seem to get enough state pride items.
What’s the best or most unique thing you’ve ever purchased from a local maker?

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