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Interviewee: Andrew Rainey, Founder
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Randy himself! (photo credit: Randy's Pickles)

Andrew Rainey, FounderĀ (photo credit: Randy’s Pickles)

Q | What is the most popular item you sell? Why?
A | Our most popular item is our grilled pickles. We call them our sideburns. They are “The Original Grilled Pickle” and they are unlike any pickle you’ve ever had.
Q | Are there any specialty items customers can request that may NOT always be readily available on shelves?”
A | Yes, every summer we make at least one seasonal special each month. We present them to our customers at the Cleveland Flea on a limited time basis. We have things ranging from asparagus, pineapple, Brussels sprouts, maple bourbon bread and butters, and bourbon cherries.
Q | Any creative cooking/recipe uses for pickles that folks might not think of?
A | Well grilling the cucumbers before pickling them is something that we think is pretty unique. But, we like to use our products any way we can think of to spur our customers imaginations. Our most recent creation was a spicy salsa made from our Hungarian peppers, tomatoes, and spices. We found that it was a great addition to our eggs in the morning!
Q | You make your pickles at the Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen. How did you team up with them?
A | When we first started in 2014 we were looking for some support and guidance. We happened to stumble upon the culinary classes that the CCLK and ECDI (CCLK’s food business incubator program) teamed up to provide. It turned out to be the best thing we could have ever done. They answered every question we asked, provided mentorship, and gave us the production space that we needed to grow.
Sideburns - grilled prior to pickling!

Sideburns – grilled prior to pickling!

A more traditional option

A more traditional option

My favorite product name :)

My favorite product name :)

If you live in Columbus, you can pick these up at your local Giant Eagle Market District!

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