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Interviewee: Ben Walters, Owner
Location: inside the North Market, 59 Spruce Street, Columbus, OH 43215


Ben Walters, Owner

Q | What are the best-selling spices?
A | Our best selling spices are Sazon, Za’atar, and Port-smoked peppercorns, hands down!
Q | What are the best mixes of your spices (that aren’t already packaged together)?
A | Paprika and cumin; citrus adobo and oregano; and any of the smoked peppercorns with Freedom Ridge salt.
Q | What  are the most exotic spices you offer at your shop?
A | Infused sea salts, Jamaican curry, Harissa (you can make your own paste, just ask how!), and Grains of Paradise. Some fun facts about Grains of Paradise: it is similar to peppercorns, but related more closely to cardamom. It is also referred to as “alligator pepper!”
Q | What’s an easy and delicious recipe that someone can make with your spices?
A | Mix citrus adobo and mexican oregano and rub it on chicken before grilling. That’s it, you can’t go wrong! This is one of my favorites.

Find North Market Spices on the east side (parking lot side) of the North Market, right across from Jeni’s.


Check out the North Market’s website for details on their new hours starting April 1!

The folks at North Market Spices are so friendly – ask anyone for help and they’ll be happy to give you guidance on making the perfect spice choices for any dish!

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