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Interviewee: Kelly Nordstrom, General Manager
Location: 1500 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240
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Kelly Nordstrom, General Manager

Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | There are several! Firecracker Chicken and Pineapple Chicken are the main favorites, as they are easy eats that are familiar. The Pad Thai is also one of our best selling dishes on the menu. It’s a staff favorite and probably the best Pad Thai you will ever have.

Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | There are a few! One is the Thai Fried Rice substituting Pad Thai noodles. The chefs are always happy to make Teriyaki Chicken as well as Moo Goo Gai Pan, as we get a lot of requests for them.

Q | Pan-Asian cuisine is definitely unique among other Cameron Mitchell Restaurants concepts.What makes your spin on Asian food so special?
A | We have a passion for it here. We make everything fresh from scratch daily, we have someone in the back kitchen making dim sum constantly, we use all white meat chicken breasts for all of our dishes, and our sauces have been made by the same person with the same recipe since we opened.  Everyone here has a sense of pride for what we do. Our service staff has intensive training on ingredients in the food and sauces so they are able to customize any dish to meet individual guests’ needs.  We love doing this and it’s what sets up apart from not just other Asian restaurants, but from all other restaurants.

Q | “Best Place to Take Your Kids” is one of the many awards Molly Woo’s has won! What makes the restaurant so kid-friendly?
A | I think kids love the atmosphere, it’s like walking into a fantasy for them. Kids love to pretend and our restaurant is out of this world for them. We do a lot to make the parents comfortable with bringing their children in to the restaurant: we have coloring, a treasure chest for the children when they leave, and of course an inexpensive but great kids menu. I know from experience being a parent myself that you want fast friendly service, you want to get in and out before you child has time to “melt down,” so we do everything we can to make the experience as pleasant as possible without it taking several hours for you to dine.

Q | Reviewers rave about your cocktails and Happy Hour. What are some current specialties?
A | We are currently running a White Peach Sangria for the summer, We just started a batch of the Bourbon barrel-aged Manhattan which should be ready sometime next week. We take Watershed Bourbon, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Luxardo Cherry juice, and Rainbow Peppercorns, age them in a bourbon barrel for at least a week, and then serve it on the rocks with your choice of bitters: cranberry, black walnut, orange, and dark chocolate.


Pineapple Chicken



Pad Thai with Shrimp



Thai Fried Rice



Banana Spring Roll (With peanut butter, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream! Yum!)



Molly Woo’s classy bar



They are proud of their fresh bar ingredients!



The dark interior and decor make for a cozy interior…



…I especially love the paper lanterns!

What do you get when you go to Molly Woo’s?

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  1. Molly Woo’s is the VERY BEST Asian Cuisine that you ever get anywhere. The staff are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. My favorite is Woo’s Garlic chicken. Soooo good. My family eats there every Saturday. This is not a paid advertisement. We just absolutely love this restaurant.

    • Thanks for reading, Kevin! I agree – Molly Woo’s is phenomenal! I need to try the Garlic Chicken though, so thanks for the tip!

    • I know Cameron Mitchell Restaurants are always gluten-friendly, but based on your comment, I’ll have to be SURE to send all my gluten-free friends there! Thanks for reading, Aaron! :)

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