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Interviewee: Jonas Laughlin, Owner/Head Baker
Location: 15 East 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Jonas Laughlin, Owner/Head Baker

Jonas Laughlin, Owner/Head Baker (photo credit: Laughlin’s Bakery)

Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | Our Lemon Madeleines are a top seller, but my personal choice are the Florentines. They are amazing!
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | We like to try new things and be playful in the kitchen all the time, so there are always new things we’re trying or testing out on our customers. Based on the season and our preferences, we can be a bit improvisational at times. I encourage lots of variety.
Q | What’s your story? Do you have a culinary background?
A | I was actually an opera singer! About 10 years ago, I got sick and could no longer sing opera. I was spending my time doing things that were therapeutic to me, and baking was one of them. I started doing bake sales and amassed a group of clientele who encouraged me to open a bakery. One Kickstarter later, and I’ve now owned a bakery for a year.
Q | How did you decide to make these particular baked goods?
A | As an opera singer, I was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit around Europe and eat he most delicious food. I’m also from the south, so my bakery is a combination European and southern palettes. For example, we serve red velvet cake, French pastries, and ewe even have a Lebkuchen (German Christmas cookie) this time of year. If something tastes good and is beautiful, I will make it.
Lemon Madeleine

Lemon Madeleine




Lebkuchen (German Christmas cookie)

This is the perfect time of year to stop in this adorable bakery for treats to share with your family during the holidays!

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