Katzinger’s Delicatessen

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Interviewee: Diane Warren, Owner (not pictured), Daniel Bennett, Manager
Location: 475 South 3rd Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215


Daniel Bennett, Manager

Q | What is the most popular item on your menu? Why?
A | The Katzinger’s Reuben has been our best seller every day of every week of every month of every year since we opened almost 30 years ago. I think it is our best seller because it blows the socks off of any other Reuben starting with the juicy, sweet/salty, tender corned beef with just enough marbled fat to give it that extra boost of flavor. First we dress our fresh artisan rye bread with a thin layer of homemade Russian dressing, add two slices of Emmentaler Swiss cheese (the original Swiss Swiss cheese), a handful of tangy sauerkraut and a big pile of warm corned beef. We then add the top slice of rye and place the sandwich on the grill where the bread caramelizes, the cheese begins to melt, the sauerkraut warms, the corned beef nestles into the center with a few stragglers creeping off the side of the crust. We pull it off the grill, slice in two, and serve with dill or garlic pickles on the side. It is quite simply the best.
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | Most have already made it to the menu but we always look forward to their creative specialties.
Q | People who haven’t visited Katzinger’s in person may not know about all the other items you offer at your store. Tell us more!
A | In addition to our New York-style Deli offers, we have a specialty foods grocery with artisan cheeses, meats, smoked fish, and breads. We also offer extra virgin olive oil, several vinegars, condiments, honeys, and chocolates. All the items in our grocery come from small producers made with traditional methods. The distinctive flavors illustrate how absolutely unique and surprisingly delicious these foods can be. There is truly a difference between artisan and industrial foods.
Q | You are famous for having a BILLION sandwich options. Was that always the intent, or did you just keep adding items over the past 30 years?
A | We opened with 26 sandwiches and just kept growing. Within a couple years, we had so many requests from our creative and eager customers that we would add more sandwiches. Sometimes we would have sandwich contests and the winner could name their own sandwich and get it on the board.
Q | You just opened a new location at the North Market! How exciting! Are the menu items different there?
A | Katzinger’s Little Delicatessen is just that – only 10 sandwiches, 5 side dishes, matzo ball soup, knishes, brownies and of course, self-serve from-the-barrel pickles. Nine of the sandwiches are best sellers from Katzinger’s in German Village. The 10th is our exclusive “Only At The Market” #81 which is Rachel’s Spicy Pimento Cheese Spread, roast turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, and tomato on farm bread. Chef Rachel Warren is my daughter and her pimento cheese spread was featured on The Barefoot Contessa at the Stinky’s in Brooklyn.
Q | Ted Allen visited you for a Best Thing I Ever Ate feature. What a compliment! How was his visit?
A | Ted Allen had been in Katzinger’s many times before he named us “Best Thing I Ever Ate”. He was always very nice and very helpful. (See the video clip here!)

When you get to Katzinger’s, the menu may overwhelm you at first, but don’t worry! The awesome staff will help you make a decision!


#1 Katzinger’s Reuben


Looking for a solid side dish? The Matzo Ball Soup is fantastic. (Served with a side of rye!)


Speaking of sides, I’ve heard rumor’s that people come here just for the pickles (they come in garlic and dill)…


…and they come in huge barrels where you’re encouraged to “take what you can eat.”


#39 Bill, Gary and Beuford’s Upper Yough Reuben


Lovely selection of items in the grocery section…


…including all this cheese! (Cue “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen.)

I’m dying to know…what’s your favorite Katzinger’s item?

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