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Interviewee: Shane Towne, President

Shane Towne, President

Shane Towne, President (photo credit: Green BEAN Delivery)

Q | You have lots of “bin” options – what’s the most popular?
A | All bin options are designed to be completely customizable and fit perfectly for any family size or purchasing need. Additionally, our Members are encouraged to change their bin options from time to time to better fit their changing needs or schedules to get the most out of their selections. Our Classic Bin, the original BEAN bin, is loved by many Members but the newly established U-Pick bin has been growing in popularity especially considering when home gardens are bountiful, the U-Pick Bin has no produce minimum.
Q | It’s not just produce?! I can order other grocery items too?!
A | Absolutely! We are proud to say that we have the largest network of local farmers and artisans, offering thousands of local and artisanal products in the store each week. In addition to these items we also offer thousands of organic and natural nationally recognized brands…we are truly a full service grocery experience, right to your door!
Q | Is everything organic?
A | While we certainly focus on organic selections, we also source many unique offerings, from sustainably grown and produced products to naturally grown and raised heirloom and specialty products – like red and black velvet apricots, heirloom navel and cara cara oranges, locally churned goat cheese, pasture-raised eggs, grass fed beef and bison, local daily fresh baked breads…to name only a few!
Q | What’s the story behind Green BEAN Delivery? How did it get started?
A | Nearly 10 years ago, husband and wife team, Matt Ewer and Beth Blessing founded Green BEAN Delivery with the mission to provide community members access to healthy and nutritious foods – grown by sustainable farmers and crafted by local artisans. Today, Green BEAN Delivery is a family owned and operated, vertically integrated sustainable food company that still carries out its original mission. Most importantly, everything we provide and pack in our bins and deliver to your door we proudly feed our own families!
The box!

The box!

Digging in...

Digging in…

Veggies galore!

Veggies galore!

Is this heaven?

Is this heaven?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with food delivery services (remember my Blue Apron post?) – they just make life so easy and they actually make me look forward to cooking! :)

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