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Interviewee: Alyssa Flinn, cashier
Location: 407 Cadiz Road, Wintersville, Ohio 43953


Alyssa Flinn, cashier

Q | What is the most popular item on your menu? Why?
A | Regular slices (cheese and pepperoni) with extra cheese…because people love the cold cheese!
Q | Are there any items that are NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | Not particularly – just different combinations of our various toppings.
Q | Your pizza has a pretty unique texture and flavor. How would you say it’s different from other pizzas?
A | The sauce is very flavorful and the cold cheese is what makes it unique and awesome.
Q | Cold cheese is the last thing on the pizza before the box lid?! How did that become a thing?
A | It’s always been that way! The owner opened Giannamore’s in 1983 and had experience from previous pizza shop experience. He brought some of it to Giannamore’s, including the cold cheese topping.
Q | How many slices per day/week/month/year?
A | We sell about 100 pans on a busy weekend day. There are 28 slices on a pan, so it’s nearly 3,000 slices per day!

Last thing that goes on: the cheese! (I grew up thinking their rubber band “bracelets” were so cool! hehe)


Pretty sure I’m going to dream about this pizza tonight.


They are on top of their box game!


I’ve been going here my whole life!

If you’re ever in (or even driving through!) the Wintersville/Steubenville area of Ohio, be sure to stop by Giannamore’s for pizza that will no doubt blow your mind. :)

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