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Interviewee: Me!
Location: 2593 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202

I must admit, this is not a traditional Best of the Menu post. It isn’t as wordy, there’s no interview, and owners aren’t involved. HOWEVER, I felt compelled to share this meal with you because the dining experience is so unique! If you haven’t been to Cafe Bella, you must go!

The moment you walk in the door, you’re greeted and asked if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Beyond that question, you are not given a menu or asked what you want to eat. They make whatever they are making that day and bring it out to you…how cool is that?! I know it may be a little out of some folks’ comfort zones, but since it’s mainly Italian food, you can’t really go wrong! Plus – there were FOUR COURSES. #heaven

At the end of the meal, they come over and say something to the effect of, “Is $17 ok for your meal tonight?” I said yes because it was delicious and where else in this town can you get 4 courses for under $20?! Plus, they have tables out back in an intimate patio if you like to eat al fresco.

Below you’ll find what my friend Adriana and I had for dinner…

photo 6as

This delicious salad reminded me of something my grandpa would make – made of garden-fresh greens, frisee, nuts, tomatoes, cheese, and a tasty dressing


photo 10as

A small plate of ravioli was our second course


photo 8as

Yummy eggplant and tomato flatbread with basil


photo 2as

Our fourth and final course was our main entree – a plate of chicken parmesan with some roasted chicken on the side


photo 4as

It never stood out to me, but you can find this place just north of Hudson on the west side of the street! :)

Since they don’t have a menu, I’m dying to hear what others get when they go to Cafe Bella! Please comment below to let me know what you ate there! :)

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