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Interviewee: Ellie Robinson, concept administrator
3 Locations!: Henderson Road (this feature), Polaris, Grandview
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Ellie Robinson, concept administrator

Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | Our spicy chicken is the number one item on our menu. Many people like it because it kicks up their BIBIBOP bowl another level, but isn’t too spicy. Everyone seems to enjoy it!
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A |  Probably our gluten-free options. We’re willing to make any of our proteins gluten-free for our guests, and all they have to do is ask! It adds a little bit of a wait time for their order, but we’re more than happy to accommodate everyone.
Q | What makes the rice purple? Is it a special type of rice?
A | The purple rice is actually a combination of black wild rice with our white rice. When the two are steamed together, it dyes the rice purple. It’s a completely natural mixing process; no special dyes or additives.
Q | Are there any super creative orders you’ve gotten that have stuck with you?
A | With so many combination options at BIBIBOP, there isn’t one order that sticks out. However, our most popular sauce is actually one that our guests create. It’s a mixture of our Yum Yum and spicy siracha sauces.
Q | What does “BIBIBOP” mean?
A | It’s an Americanization of the Korean word “Bibimbap,” which literally means mixed rice.

A delicious bowl with purple rice, black beans, spicy chicken, veggies, egg, and a mix of yum yum and spicy siracha sauces!


Look at that beautiful purple rice!


BIBIBOP on Henderson Road


The delicious protein options!


Colorful veggies!


I love the pod-style seating in BIBIBOP! It makes your dining experience very cozy. :)


More info on what “BIBIBOP” means!

What sauce combo do you love when you visit BIBIBOP? (For me, it’s the teriyaki and yum yum!)

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  1. FYI, none of the stores have been communicated to as far as offering gluten-free proteins. Just tried to order at Polaris and even without the teriyaki sauce, it does contain trace amounts of gluten. However, the customer service was excellent, and I had received a phone call less than two minutes after submitting my order explaining this to me.

    • Hi Kassandra!

      Thank you so much for that info. I’m sure others will find it helpful as well. I’m glad the customer service was excellent (that’s always been my experience too), and I hope you enjoyed your BIBIBOP! :)


  2. Ditto about not being able to get gluten free protein at local Bibibop. Perhaps the answer to the above question should be revised, because the local manager says he’s had several people coming in saying they’ve read online you have gluten-free protein available in your stores.

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