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Interviewee: Alexis Joseph, Director of Nutrition and Communications
Location: 625 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206


Alexis Joseph, Director of Nutrition and Communications

Q | What are the most popular items on your menu? Why?
A | The most popular smoothie is by far the Snickerdoodle, probably because of the name. It really does taste like a snickerdoodle — one that’s actually good for you! It’s made simply with frozen bananas, almond butter, cinnamon, and ground flaxseed. The most popular acai bowl would be the Banana Cacao Avocado Bowl. I’ve heard people say it tastes like chocolate pudding (guilt-free, of course!). The Avocado Toast is the clear winner in the toast category. The Banana Almond Butter Toast, complete with local honey and crunchy cacao nibs, is the runner-up. The Mediterranean Quinoa Salad takes the cake in the salad category. While my favorite sandwiches are the Hummus and Hemp Pesto or the Tuna Kraut, the Jalapeño Turkey is the real fan favorite. As far as juice goes, I would say the Easy Beet is the most popular!
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | We pretty much make what’s on the menu since it’s so comprehensive. That said, we’ve been known to whip up crazy smoothie concoctions in our spare time!
Q | A recent Dispatch article states, “Alchemy’s focus is on fresh foods such as juices, smoothies, sandwiches and salads.” This seems like a gross understatement to me considering that your menu is like no other menu I’ve seen! What makes it so special? Why do I feel like what you offer isn’t offered anywhere else in Columbus?
A | What makes Alchemy so unique is the integration of America’s fastest-growing industries — health care and food. We not only offer a clean, whole foods-based menu, but we also make nutrition accessible by having a registered dietitian on site. In addition to meeting with clients privately for personalized nutrition counseling, I also teach free nutrition seminars open to the public every other Saturday. Alchemy has quite a diverse menu. There’s truly something for everyone, whether you’re a gluten-free vegan looking for a Quinoa and Kale salad and Green Glow juice, or a carnivore looking for a Jalapeño Turkey sandwich and a cappuccino. It’s the perfect place to sip a latte and munch on toast with a friend, or grab a nutrient-dense salad and soup on the way to work. At the end of the day, we’re so much more than a juice bar — we’re a platform for social change. We source ethical, sustainable, wholesome foods. We can all work to change the local food system, one smoothie at a time!
Q | You’re a Registered Dietitian (RD) and I understand you’ve played a huge part in the development of Alchemy’s menu. Did you get snag any recipes from your personal blog, Hummusapien? (Realization of the day: the world would be a way better place if food/recipe bloggers opened restaurants!)
A | I used Hummusapien as a major source of inspiration while developing Alchemy’s menu. Having a gigantic, ever-growing archive of healthy recipes (many of which are smoothies) made the process a whole lot easier! Abed (the owner of Alchemy) always jokes that the Snickerdoodle Smoothie is what got me my job. I never imagined that my own creations would make up the menu at an innovative health food space…it truly is a dream come true! You can find the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, Curried Brussels Sprouts Salad, Quinoa and Kale Salad, Snickerdoodle Smoothie, Coconut Coffee Smoothie, Blueberry Cacao Smoothie, and the Banana Avocado Cacao Acai Bowl all on my blog! (Link above.)
Q | What a genius idea to have an RD on site at a cafe/restaurant! What do you bring to the table? (Pun intended.) What kinds of questions do customers ask most often?
A | We hope that having nutrition professionals on site is a model that will continue to grow. At Alchemy, you can trust that each menu item was strategically created to offer some kind of nutritional benefit. Everything must taste delish and be nutritious (nutrish) — that’s my rule! Lots of people come in with questions about gluten intolerances, caloric content, fat content, etc. and I love being able to answer them when I’m there behind the counter. Having a dietitian on site to answer any health question you can think of is a big perk! Another advantage is being able to simply walk in and set up a personalized nutrition counseling appointment with a dietitian. We offer rates that are a bit lower than private practice dietitians in order to make it more accessible for the community. As I mentioned earlier, I also teach free nutrition classes focused on clean eating every other Saturday in the South Gym of the Fitness Loft. How cool is that?!

I know it’s hard to believe, but…they’re actually more delicious than they are beautiful.


Deeeeeelish veggie lentil soup!


Bean Burger with zesty cashew mayo, micro kale, and tomato on a brioche bun


Banana Cacao Avocado Acai Bowl topped with cacao nibs, coconut, granola, and banana


I’ve had other PB&J smoothies around town…let’s just say nothing comes close to this.


Ready to go items, including locally-made energy drink Formula O2!


Holy chic!

This place is SHOCKINGLY close to downtown. (Parsons and Livingston!) Plus, there’s a big parking lot out back. See you for lunch M-F? :)

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